About the campaign

We are the voice of pro-choice Queenslanders.

From Cairns to Coolangatta, Moranbah to Morayfield, Toowoomba to Townsville, Woolloongabba to Weipa, we know that 4 out of 5 Queenslanders support abortion law reform. 

We are many, they are few. 

Queenslanders have been fighting for abortion law reform for decades, with the first organised campaigning beginning nearly 50 years ago with the formation of the Abortion Law Reform Association in 1971.

The Pro Choice Queensland campaign was set up by a dedicated group of volunteers in response to the 2009 arrest and subsequent trial of a young Cairns couple for procurement of abortion after purchasing the abortion pill, misoprostol. This campaign has been ongoing since 2009 and we hope reform comes about before our 10th anniversary! 

Our campaign is a grassroots movement dedicated to advancing the right to bodily autonomy for women and those with the ability to become pregnant. From small beginnings, we've gone on to host rallies with thousands attending and now have the support of over 70 health, community and women’s groups, unions, political parties and law firms.

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